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Most of our areas are design to be self-explanatory.. however just in case we missed something, please E-mail us and let us know!
In the meantime, here are some frequently asked questions that just might have the answers that you are looking for:

Who can participate? Any Morris County league or team such as Little Leagues - Traveling Teams - Corporate - Neighborhood.. In other words, everyone who might need to post their schedules.

How do the Calendars work? Each town has a calendar. To the left is a "navigation bar" on which are listed various choices and actions. To add your schedule, choose "Add an Event" and then follow the instructions.

How do I make changes to our schedule? To be able to EDIT (makes changes) to your postings, you will NEED A PASS WORD.

How much is the registration Fee?    $0 - It's FREE!!!

The season has started. Is it too late to sign up? Its never too late to join in! Your Team needs to know "what happening??" through out the entire season.

What if we made a mistake in our entries? No problem .. just get a PASSWORD and go back in and correct it. Our records are constantly updated in real time.

Our town is missing. No problem just E-mail us and we will add your town calendar to the list.

Instructions to Import Events
The Import Events screen allows you to load a number of events, their details, and their schedules all in one step. It is useful for upgrading from a previous version of the program, or for loading events from another application.
The format of events to import must be in a delimited text file. That is, each part of the event's details and schedule are separate by a character such as | or comma.
To import the contents of this file, you need to provide the following 4 things:
The format row. This is a row that defines which fields appear in which order in your file. This is required so that the fields can be imported and mapped to the correct fields in the CalendarScript application. It may or may have a # as the first character, and should contain fields names separated by the delimiter.
The text of the file. This just consists of a number of lines, one for each event. The lines should be separated by the delimiter and have the value for each field in the same order as the header row.
The delimiter used to separate fields, both in the header row and the text Field Mappings. This is a list of all the event fields which you have defined in your calendar, as well as schedule fields. When you change the format row at the top, this will populate the drop-down boxes next to your event fields. Then pick which field from the import file should be mapped to which field in the CalendarScript database. The date field is required, but the times are optional. Iif time fields are not mapped, then each imported event will become an 'all day' event.
Once this is complete, click 'Import' and all the events will be loaded into the database.

Have Fun!

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